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  • On page #16 you'll learn about the 5 Biggest Sex Lies you must absolutely avoid at all costs if you want the results you desire.
  • On page #28 you’ll discover a detailed framework for the Sexual Power Mastery Foundation.
    Including all of the necessary steps and the exact timing and detailed instructions for each part of the foundation: Before Intimate Act, Exquisite Foreplay Sequence, Intravaginal Techniques & Penetration and Post-Coital Formula.
  • On page #74 to #83, you’ll learn about the 3 most powerful intravaginal finger techniques that you can use to give any woman at least 4 different types of orgasms, with ease!
    That means you’ll be able to give her as many orgasms as you want, without even using your penis!
  • You’ll find a detailed sequence to oral sex on page #70:
    This section is completely devoted to your oral mastery skills, including identifying mistakes most men make during this delicate process. PLUS the secret to finding the most powerful oral stimulation technique that works perfectly for YOUR woman.
  • And on page #86 you’ll be let in on my closelyguarded penetration techniques and sex position secretsthat will make her come intensely and multiple times regardless of your size.
  • And of course, much, much more...

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Buy Now For Only $97

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